High-Speed uST Solution – On the Pages of a Scientific Publication


An article on the trends in the development of modern high-speed transportation was published in the collection of scientific papers "Prospects of Transport Complex Development." The material provides detailed information on the use of hyperloops as the most efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly solution.

The article points out that the demand for passenger transportation by high-speed transport in the world will almost triple by 2050. And the development of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can meet such a need. The high-speed uFlash has several advantages over railroad and maglev transportation:

  • zero accident rate in transportation thanks to eliminating intersections between uST routes and roads or railway tracks;
  • low power consumption;
  • superior aerodynamics among vehicles (low aerodynamic drag coefficient not exceeding 0.06);
  • low material consumption of construction elements;
  • stability of the overpass to unfavorable natural and climatic conditions;
  • an effective system of supporting rolling stock on the track structure is achieved with steel wheels on steel rails, boasting a 99.8% efficiency rate, which is significantly higher than in maglev transportation.

The authors of the publication concluded that uST high-speed transport will reduce environmental pollution, relieve the railways of densely populated megacities, increase the mobility of the population, save natural resources, and improve the reliability and safety of transportation.

2 April 2024