At the uSky Center, Construction of a 2 km Long Transport Overpass Continues

A suspended double rail track of the beam type

At the uSky Test and Certification Center, the final stage of construction of transport overpass with semi-rigid track structure continues. At the moment, UST Inc.’s engineers are preparing to install a dead-end section, which will allow uPods to start from the ground level. 

The structure is a suspended double rail track of the beam type. It will connect the passenger platform and the passage section of the anchoring structure, that are located at different altitudes. There will be hanging, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of uPods on this site.  

“All components of the structure meet the specified requirements of durability and reliability. For example, the site is designed for more than 2 million loading cycles, and the service life is 50 years at a given frequency of traffic. At the same time simplicity of the composition allows to significantly reduce the cost of construction and maintenance of the track structure in general”, –the Chief Designer of the Rapid Transport Complex in UST Inc. Vitaly Lapkovsky told. 

A suspended double rail track of the beam type

All parts of the section are designed and manufactured according to the modern safety requirements. Due to this, there is extremely low possibility of malfunctions during the operation. In addition, the track structure is filled with a noise absorbing compound, that provides additional safety and comfort of travel. These advantages allow to use the site within the uST complexes in urban, suburban and park areas. 

It should be noted that the heavy-type string rail overpass is designed for uPods weighing more than 30 tons. Thanks to this, the 25-seat uBuses, that can be assembled in trains with a capacity of up to 75 people, and the 5th-generation suspended cargo uConts with a capacity of up to 30.5 tons will be able to develop a higher speed. 

14 Junе 2023