UST Inc. presents the corporate stickers for Telegram

The corporate stickers for Telegram

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has released a sticker pack for Telegram. The pack contains 12 animated stickers for various emotions and shows the users popular models of uPods. 

The main characters of the pack are uCar, uBike, uWind, uBus of the 5th generation, cargo uCont and highspeed uFlash. The rail electric vehicles uCar and uCont are suitable for congratulating the interlocutor. You can express your gratitude using the 2-seats uWind sticker and notify on your leave through the uBike sticker. The animated image of uBus helps to wish a good night, while the highspeed uFlash sticker will show that the user is in a real big hurry.  

Download the sticker pack by UST Inc. and share with your interlocutor our original stickers.

9 February 2024