uSky Started the Karat Runs with Power Supply from the Track Structure

At uSky Test & Certification Centre in Sharjah, the Karat uBus ran a string rail track for the first time using power from the track. 

UST Inc. specialists conducted the regular tests required to ensure uninterrupted power supply of the Karat U4-212 uBus. The flagship uBus proved the correctness of the engineers' calculations. 

At the moment, the uST complex, including the string rail overpass, the uPod and infrastructure facilities, is equipped with the relevant elements of traction power supply. A similar system was previously tested in the Belarusian EcoTechnoPark. 

Note that the uPod is energy autonomous. The vehicle will continue to move in case the main power supply source is cut off. Even in case of a complete failure of the contact network, the uBus will be able to reach the nearest station. For this purpose, the rail electric car will use its energy storage unit.

Recall that earlier the UST Inc. specialists tested the Karat U4-212 uBus in a new speed limit – 85 km/h.

11 Junе 2024