Calculations in a Scientific Journal: Why Is the uST Technology Reliable and Durable?

The scientific publication “Modern Transportation Systems and Technologies” published an article on the design features of the uST string rail overpass. It describes in detail the test section of the track structure with a flexible rail at the uSky Test and Certification Center. Among the authors of the publication is the General Designer of UST Inc. Anatoli Unitsky.

The article “Assessment of the rigidity of a flexible rail and the stress-strain state of the elements of a string rail track structure at the uSky Center in Sharjah (UAE)” was also prepared by the employees of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Mikhail Tsyrlin and Alexander Khlebus.

As the authors of the publication noted, despite the external similarity of the string rail track with classical overpasses, it has unique technological differences in its design. Take, for example, the issue of security. If even one support is removed from the automobile overpass, the span will collapse under its own weight. In the uST string rail overpass, such a scenario is excluded. Even if several neighboring pillars are destroyed, for example, as a result of a terrorist act, the track structure will remain intact.

The publication presents a description of the design of the string rail track structure and string rail, as well as calculations of the flexible rail rigidity, which proved the high durability and reliability of the structure.


11 October 2022