What Unmanned Vehicle Is Truly Safe?

A growing preference among automakers is given to unmanned vehicles nowadays. However, in circumstances of increasing traffic congestion, it is not always possible to achieve complete safety of such transportations. And can it be called truly unmanned if the driver must always be on the alert? Learn more on TechInsider post.

Transport accidents among unmanned vehicles happen for many reasons. These include severe weather, dense urban development, poor objects identification by cameras in conditions of insufficient visibility. High traffic density also often leads to accidents: there were sold 38.1 million new cars worldwide just in the first half of 2022.

An alternative solution is offered by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The risk of traffic jams or accidents is eliminated due to the above-ground string rail overpass. Driver’s work in unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels is performed by an automated control system. It analyzes the data collected from all components of the uST complex in real time and makes decisions based on them. In addition, with the help of cameras, sensors, radars, uPods are equipped with computer vision technology, which is effective in all weather conditions. At the same time, the uST transport and the control room exchange digital data all hours that also guarantees additional safety.

10 April 2023