The Matter of Energy Efficiency: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Performed Another Test

The company’s specialists plan to develop a rolling track (rail head) with high electrical conductivity. This will make it easier to transfer energy to a vehicle. Consequently, transport will become even more energy efficient. This kind of technology, by the way, has no parallel in the world. The details are in our report from EcoTechnoPark.

 A passenger vehicle (uCar) is moving across the territory of EcoTechnoPark (Belarus). February, 2022.

The smooth and safe operation of the vehicle, as well as the noise level, depends on the quality of the rolling track. That is why engineers constantly work on its improvement and experiment with the materials that conduct current best of all. 


To check how well the current is conducted, several finished samples of the rolling track are tested one by one using a special stand.

Before the voltage is applied, everyone leaves the room for safety reasons. During testing, engineers measure the current strength, voltage drop, sample temperature, and take notes.

— If the rolling track gets heated, it means that the energy is not only used for its intended purpose, but is simply being released into the environment. And our task is to make sure that the energy is directed to the operation of transport as much as possible, - explains the design engineer Vadim Shchurko.

Meanwhile, Sergey Nagorny, the leading design engineer of the company, recalls the advantages of the unique technology of string rail transport, namely, the transfer of energy to the vehicle through the right and left rails:

— The track above the ground eliminates the need for grounding, pollution, and accidental contact with pedestrians and vehicles. Thanks to this technology, there is no need for a third rail as in the subway.

 Samples of the rail head, which have successfully passed the tests and showed the best electrical conductivity, will soon be used to build a track structure at the company’s innovation center located in Sharjah, UAE.

 Unitsky String Technologies Inc. constantly works on solutions that can improve transport and infrastructure complexes. Tests in the company are carried out regularly. The results will be provided in the following reports. 

22 February 2022