UST Inc. – on the status of projects in India

UST Inc. continues to work on issues related to the use of uST Technology in different regions. The implementation of the Unitsky String Technologies Inc.’s solution in India remains one of the priorities. Two agreements have been signed within the framework of which work is underway on the implementation of uST transport and infrastructure complexes in the region.

Today UST Inc. is actively involved in a project with a tourism focus. The company sees this as one of its most promising projects, as the attention of the local authorities is on the development of domestic tourism in the region. UST Inc. has developed a route that is approximately 1 km long, which will transport passengers to one of India’s attractions.

The uST track can also be used for excursions. In the uPods, passengers will be able to admire the picturesque views from above. At the same time, all electric rail vehicles are equipped with a multimedia system and Wi-Fi, with which allows passengers to get information about the sights outside the transport during the tour.

Earlier, the company announced the beginning of work in India. The project is related to the construction of a string rail overpass for the delivery of passengers to the airport. Its financing is planned by the state government. At this stage, the project has been suspended until additional approvals on land issues are obtained.

“We are talking about the fact that a certain part of the territory will be transferred from law enforcement agencies to the airport. This would allow us to make the uST track shorter and more efficient from a technical standpoint,” said Oleg Zaretskiy, Director of uScovery.

Note that UST Inc. is not waiting for one project to be completed in order to start working on the next one. In parallel, the company is negotiating with various Indian states, private companies, airport operators, and municipalities in different cities.

“India is a vast market. We rate it as a platform for thousands of commercial projects,” commented Oleg Zaretskiy.

Earlier, the uSky Test and Certification Center in Sharjah was visited by the Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari. According to the high-ranking guest, uBus is an eco-friendly urban solution that reduces pollution and congestion, as well as ensures effective mobility of city residents. Shri Gadkari expressed his belief that uST technology will be beneficial to a country like India in the near future.

Representatives of the government of the Indian state of Gujarat also showed interest in uST complexes. The areas that are of interest to regional authorities are solutions to major transportation challenges, such as reducing the number of private vehicles on the road and, consequently, traffic congestion and accidents, as well as reducing air pollution.

10 April 2024