UST Inc. Has Presented a Solution to Optimize the Aerodynamics of uPods

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World of Transport and Transportation scientific journal has published an article on improving the aerodynamic shape of uPods. A suspended monorail uBus was taken as a basis for the calculations. General Designer of UST Inc. Anatoli Unitsky is among the authors of the material.

The publication studied the influence of geometric and structural elements on the transport aerodynamic characteristics. Body shape optimization of the monorail uBus was carried out during the research. Such a decision made it possible to reduce the force and drag coefficient by 16.9 %.

The result of performed calculations is the choice of optimal uBus model with the lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient. According to the UST Inc. experts’ opinion, this will improve the energy efficiency of vehicle and increase its environmental friendliness, and as a result, increase the potential profitability of transportation process.

It should be reminded, that today the most aerodynamic uPod in the UST Inc. lineup is the high-speed uFlash. The coefficient of its aerodynamic drag was reduced to 0.06. For comparison: the aerodynamic drag coefficient of the cars which are leaders in this indicator can be, for example, 0.175.

Learn more about the uST vehicle aerodynamics here.

For reference

The publication is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, as well as in Russian Science Citation Index. The authors of World of Transport and Transportation Journal represent various types of vehicles, universities, transport organizations of Russian regions and foreign countries. The article by the UST Inc. employees has been presented in this publication for the first time. 

4 May 2023