UST Inc. has participated in an international conference in Russia


Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has presented uST solutions during the international scientific and practical conference “Development of the Productive Forces of Kuzbass: History, Modern Experience, Strategy for the Future,” held in the city of Kemerovo on November 1723. At the event, the representatives of UST Inc. spoke about the possibilities for integrated development of the region using uST transport and infrastructure complexes.

The conference brought together more than 12 thousand representatives of business, science, and government bodies. The supervisors were 60 major Russian scientists, including 37 academicians of state academies of sciences - the Russian Academy of Education, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, the Russian Academy of Arts, as well as 3 vice-presidents of the Russian Academy of Sciences and 16 corresponding members.

The work of the conference was distributed across 15 sections, formed according to the most important sectors of the economy. They were attended by authoritative Russian specialists not only in the humanities, but also in the technical fields of science and education, as well as practitioners from the public administration system.


Specialists from Unitsky String Technologies Inc. have demonstrated uST transport and infrastructure solutions, which offer new opportunities in the field of passenger and cargo transportation. Conference visitors have learned that uST complexes can be easily adapted to perform any logistics tasks. The complexes are characterized by high efficiency, safety, reliability, and durability. In addition, they are more favorable in terms of construction and operating costs compared to other types of overpass transport.

The representatives of UST Inc. stated that the string rail overpass design allows the route to be placed on a shorter path. Due to the large span between the supports, the route can be laid over a water barrier or other difficult terrain without the use of additional structures. This not only shortens the distance to the destination, but also reduces the operating costs.

4 December 2023