UST Inc. Engineers Set Out To Improve the Running Parameters of the uLite

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues testing the uLite Transport & Infrastructure Complex. As a reminder, at this stage it has been put into operation as a cargo system. Currently, a number of measures are being taken to change its purpose to cargo and passenger transportation. 

All work is underway as planned. Now the company's specialists are designing the installation of side wheels for the rail electric vehicle.

“After the first stage of commissioning operations, we have some ideas for improving the running parameters of the vehicle. For example, for lateral stabilization of the uPod during travel and under wind loads, we are considering the installation of lateral guide wheels. This will make the ride more comfortable for passengers and increase the smoothness of the car. We have two potential design options in the pipeline,” commented Sergey Klyaus, Lead Design Engineer at UST Inc.

The complex includes two stations, a flexible track structure, four supporting towers (one of them is rotary), an automated control system and rolling stock – the uLite rail electric vehicle. The length of the track is 1120 m, and the distance between spans makes 250 m. The track structure of the complex connects the lakeshores and recreational areas of the ecopark, as well as hard-to-reach and remote locations.

• The unmanned electric vehicle on combined wheels travels on the string rail overpass at a height of 10 m. 
• The uPod is designed to carry 6 people or transport 450 kg of cargo. 
• The capacity of such a complex (if you increase the number of uPods) can reach 10,000 passengers or 1,000 tons of cargo per day.

Earlier, the uLite passed a number of investigation tests. Among them are: functional testing of the complex, debugging of the uPod control system, testing of electrical and structural safety parameters as well as weight characteristics of the vehicle.

6 Junе 2024