uSky Began the Final Stage in the Installation of Over 2 Kilometers of Semi-Rigid Track

uST transport and infrastructure complexes at the uSky Test & Certification Center

uSky Test & Certification Center in Sharjah continues to implement a transport overpass with the semi-rigid track structure. The line is more than 2 km long and will allow arranging cargo and passenger transportation at speeds of up to 150 km/h. At the moment the construction has been completed and the final stage of installation of the track has begun.

The complex was developed to arrange the traffic of heavy uPods weighing more than 30 tons. One of the features of the string rail overpass is a large length of unsupported spans of more than 250 m. It will enable to cross water barriers and mountain gorges as well as build roads over the transport, industrial, residential and energy infrastructure.

"Now we are preparing to form the rolling head. Safety, comfort, speed and noise level of the uPods all depend on this element as well. We are also beginning work on the installation of the non-stressed section – an addition to the overpass, which will allow the rolling stock to start from ground level. Suspending, commissioning and maintenance of the transport will also be done here", says Vitaly Lapkovsky, Chief Designer of the Rapid Transport Complex.

The length of unsupported spans of more than 250 m

After the installation is completed, the commissioning of individual systems and the entire complex will start. Subsequently, the 25-seat uBus U4-212-01, which is the newest development of UST Inc., will be tested on the line. The same line will also be used to test the suspended uCont with a capacity of up to 30.5 tons, which will also allow the transportation of 20- and 40-foot sea containers.

As a reminder, at the end of 2022 the first stage of certification of Test Track was completed. The international independent organization TUV SW Standardization Certifications performed a range of activities on the assessment of steel structures in conformity with the AWS and BS EN international standards. The second stage of certification is about to begin, during which they will assess the entire test track.

31 May 2023