Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Showed What a Rush Hour in the Air Looks Like

uST transport has carried passengers under the rush hour conditions. We are talking about the test run, which showed that unmanned uPods are ready for high loads. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex proved its efficiency while a rush hour above the ground is much more pleasant than it is on the common road.

The event was intended to demonstrate how the transport can withstand extreme loads. After all, in real conditions, automated control systems prevent large crowds of people on the platform. They coordinate embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and adapt travel intervals to the passenger flow so that the rail electric cars do not get overcrowded.

The developers created an environment similar to the real situation. Dozens of people were invited to the EcoTechnoPark, located in Maryina Gorka (Belarus). "Passengers" climbed to the string transport station and waited for a uBus. It is equipped with seats and standing places, their number can be increased by adding modules (carriages).

During the test, a vehicle with a capacity of up to 48 passengers was used. People could enter it from both sides at the same time, and embarkation took very little time. The vehicle was continuously performing transportation (about 1 km), embarkation, and disembarkation operations. This test run proved the stability of uST transport to high loads.

3 October 2022