Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Is Strengthening Its Presence in Indonesia

Jakarta-based UST Inc. is stepping up its activities to sell transport and infrastructure complexes in Indonesia. Now the regional company Unitsky Nusantara Technologies LLC is focused on establishing and strengthening communication with customers and local authorities. The office's strategy is to develop solutions for the application of the technology both in the capital city and nationwide.

Alsim Mamedov, the CEO of Unitsky Nusantara Technologies LLC, believes that the expansion of the company's presence in Indonesia is caused by several factors:  

"Firstly, this is one of the most promising regions for the implementation of uST projects. Secondly, strengthening our position was a logical continuation of our consistent work in Indonesia. Now we are moving to more specific stages. The office in Jakarta will formalize the presence of UST Inc. and provide a platform for building and strengthening partnerships with customers. Thirdly, the successful implementation of projects in Southeast Asia is based, among other things, on understanding the specifics of the terrain and in-depth knowledge of the country's legislation. For example, Indonesia has a different approach to companies with foreign capital. It is important to know all these aspects from the inside." 

With its experience in the region, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. sees great potential for the uST Solution in the Indonesian market. In a country with a population of 275 million people, the problem of critical traffic congestion is pressing, with drivers often sitting in traffic jams for hours on end. Jakarta has repeatedly topped  the ranking of cities with the worst traffic jams. The Indonesian Ministry of Planning estimates that congestion in Jakarta costs the country almost 7 billion dollars annually.


In addition, the geographical features of a country consisting of thousands of islands make uST a popular solution for connecting divided territories. Attempts to solve these issues using conventional transport solutions are hampered by the need to rebuild infrastructure and high capital costs.

"We see a growing demand for our product, as it fully meets the needs of Indonesia, which is in search of advanced technologies to solve transportation problems. We intend to expand and strengthen partnerships to work effectively on all our current and new projects in the region," said Alsim Mamedov. 

In addition to passenger transportation, the Jakarta office is also working on the implementation of UST Inc.'s cargo solution, focusing on uTrans, a conveyor-type transportation system that enables fast and inexpensive transportation of bulk goods over long distances. 

"Indonesia is one of Asia's largest coal exporters. Of course, mining is associated with the need for roads, huge fleets, trucks, drivers and therefore significant costs. Companies specializing in the extraction of this mineral are interested in advanced transportation solutions. And here uTrans is the most optimal option. We are now in talks with representatives of various organizations," commented the CEO of Unitsky Nusantara Technologies LLC. 

In addition, one area that could become very promising in Indonesia is the integration of uST technology with existing modes of public transportation. Such a solution was recently presented to the Director General of Indonesian Railways. The state authorities are interested in the possibility of applying uST technology to modernize the railway infrastructure.

21 May 2024