Research by Representatives of UST Inc. – On the Pages of a Scientific Publication

The collection of scientific papers "Modern Methods and Technologies of Creation and Processing of Materials. Material Science" published an article about the features of powder materials. It describes in detail the curing process of thermosetting materials using low-temperature plasma. General Designer of UST Inc. Anatoli Unitsky is featured among one of the authors.

The authors of the publication say that thermosetting powder compositions make up about 90 % of the range of powder paints. However, they would be even more popular if it were possible to considerably reduce their curing time (up to 1 minute) in comparison with conventional powder paints (15-60 minutes). This would enable energy savings, time savings and production space reductions in the painting of products. Furthermore, it would be possible to reduce the overall cost of coating operations.

As the article suggests, plasma spraying is a promising direction in the development of powder coatings. This technology will enable to paint with powder compositions large-sized products, such as vehicles, including uST transport, which is impossible using conventional powder spraying procedures.  

The collection provides the results of research by scientists of the world, which are aimed at creating composite coatings and materials with an enhanced level of physicomechanical and operational performance. It is included in the list of scientific publications of the Republic of Belarus for publishing the results of theses research, as well as included in the Russian Science Citation Index.

9 January 2023