Minimum 25 Years: Why Is uLite’s Design So Durable?


Reliability and durability are among the key requirements for transportation. All UST Inc.'s uPods without exception meet them. On the example of uLite we will demonstrate how thoroughly the company approaches the choice of engineering solutions when creating uST transport.

Traction Module Design

One of the load-bearing elements of the module is the frame. It is a welded structure made of pipes and sheet and shaped rolled metal. The material we use is low-carbon steel with improved mechanical properties.

Dead-end barriers are installed at the front and rear of the frame. They absorb the impact energy in case of an accidental collision with the braking devices, which are located in the dead ends of anchoring structures.

The service life of uLite is 25 years. The cladding of the traction module is made of composite materials. It is not susceptible to combustion, protects the equipment from external impacts and is highly resistant to wear and tear. One of its parts is a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of precipitation in uLite.


Interior Features

The frame of the passenger module is a welded structure made of light-alloy profiled steel. It provides the required rigidity of the unit.

The passenger module has panoramic glazing. It is made using polycarbonate, which ensures increased durability and passenger safety. The glass surface is treated with a special protective coating.

A drainage tray is installed on the outer upper part of the passenger module. Its main functions are moisture protection and drainage.

The front door is built on a metal frame made of light-alloy rolled metal. It provides rigidity and strength of the structure. Polycarbonate glazing is also installed on the outside of the door.

The flooring is made of fire-safe polymer in the form of a cut sheet, which prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust, sand, and water in the interior.


Cost Effectiveness and Small Size

At the same time, the creation of uLite required minimum expenditures. When developing the model, the main criteria were ease of manufacture and a minimum amount of equipment (only what is necessary for smooth operation, safety and ergonomics of transportation).

Thanks to its minimalist design, the vehicle can be easily adapted to dense development. Being small-sized and visually light, uLite will blend in seamlessly with the existing infrastructure.

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23 February 2024