Indonesia Considers uST Technology for Integration with Rail Transportation

Indonesia Considers uST Technology for Integration with Rail Transportation.

The solution of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was introduced to the CEO of Indonesian Railways. The authorities of this country are interested in using the uST Technology for modernization of railway infrastructure.

"The development of the railway network is a priority for Indonesia. However, the geography of the country, located on thousands of islands, makes logistical connectivity of the territories particularly urgent. In this situation, the uST transport is highly efficient. We are currently discussing a number of potential projects in the region together with the CEO of Indonesian Railways," said Oleg Zaretsky, Executive Director of uScovery.

The uST technology is capable of bringing transportation between the islands to a fundamentally new level. A string-rail overpass elevated high above the ground (or water) allows passenger and cargo vehicles to travel at speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. Thanks to the long spans between supporting towers, it is possible to easily cross various obstacles without additional infrastructure works.

27 March 2024