How can uST transport help to solve the problem of traffic congestion?

Thirty-seven percent of drivers in Russia spend three to seven hours per week in traffic jams, according to a survey conducted by Rosgosstrakh and the Autocode car verification service. Daily traffic jams that paralyze the streets of major cities have become a significant challenge for the transportation industry. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. proposes to reduce the severity of this problem through the use of new technologies – elevated uST complexes.


The number of cars on roads is only increasing

Statistics show that the situation with traffic congestion and the time spent on trips is getting worse every year. In 2016, for example, Moscow drivers spent around 91 hours per year in traffic jams, and by 2020 this figure had increased to 200 hours.

The continuous process of urbanization exacerbates an already difficult situation. According to the UN report, by 2050 68 % of the world's population is expected to live in urban areas, which will lead to an increase in traffic flows. Someone sees the solution to the problem in the construction of new roads. However, this would not solve the issue, but only encourage people to use private transportation, which is taking up more and more road space. As a result, expanding the road network further causes even more severe congestion.

At the same time, traffic congestion has a significant impact on the economies of various countries. For example, according to the Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning, congestion in the capital costs the country $6.8 billion annually. In an attempt to rectify the situation, the authorities have repeatedly imposed various restrictions. However, these measures have not been able to significantly alter the traffic situation on roads.

Seeking for the perfect way 

UST Inc. has a set of solutions for fast and comfortable passenger transportation. Unmanned uPods move high above the ground. By transferring traffic to the space above the roads, not only traffic jams, but also accidents are eliminated. The uST route minimizes the risk of collisions with foreign objects, and passenger traffic is redirected, reducing congestion on the main highways.

uST transport
uCar in the EcoTechnoPark (Maryina Gorka, Belarus)

The speed of urban uPods (up to 150 km/h) creates conditions for achieving high performance of the uST aboveground complex. The intervals of movement and the number of uPods on the line during the day can be dynamically adjusted in a wide range depending on the density of passenger traffic.

Solutions by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can not only relieve the roads, but also make transport communication more comfortable, safe and efficient.

5 March 2024