Ahead of Airplanes: Why Can uST Transport Outperform Aviation in Safety?

The uST Transport is characterized by a high safety level thanks to a number of engineering solutions. Over the years, the experts at Unitsky String Technologies Inc. have created a multi-stage system that eliminates any nuisance. This is confirmed both by the results of regular transport tests and demonstration runs. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes are ready for large-scale deployment in passenger transportation. What exactly explains their high level of reliability?

String Rail Overpass

To begin with, the track on which the self-driving uPods travel is a string rail overpass. It is elevated above the ground, which eliminates not only traffic jams, but also accidents and collisions with people or animals. The uST technology makes the track structure resistant even to terrorist attacks and vandalism, and to such natural disasters as floods and earthquakes in its special modification. Thanks to pre-stressed strings, the overpass is also capable of withstanding high ambient temperatures. The string track is also distinguished by high reliability and durability. Its service life is up to 100 years.

Rolling Stock

The rolling stock is equipped with an anti-derailment system that prevents the rollover and falling of the uPods. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes are safe even in the most harsh weather conditions. The uST Transport is not exposed to ice, snowfall, downpours, fog, dust and sandstorms.

Each motor-wheel of the uPod is a driven wheel. So, when one, two, and more wheels fail, the vehicle is able to reach the nearest point due to the remaining operable wheels, and then repair works can be carried out.

Automated Control Systems

The operation of Transport & Infrastructure Complexes is controlled by automated control systems. They eliminate the human factor, respond quickly to changes in the traffic, provide full control of speed and route, and ensure uninterrupted 24-hour operation.

In 2021 in Sharjah, uST Transport & Infrastructure Complex was certified in accordance with the safety requirements of the independent international organization TUV SW.

The company has taken every measure to ensure that the uST Transport operates smoothly even under extreme conditions and ensures the most reliable travel under any circumstances. 

Options of Evacuating

At the same time, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. tries to provide for literally everything. Several evacuation options have been developed for exceptional and highly unlikely cases. Their efficiency and safety have been confirmed during the test cycle. Towing with another uPod is the primary evacuation tehcnique. The automatically coupled emergency towing device makes it possible to tow the faulty vehicle to the depot. This is the easiest and most comfortable option.

You would think, what else could be invented? But the experts at Unitsky String Technologies Inc. have thought of some alternatives that might be useful only on paper. If towing is not possible for some reason, you can escape the uPod on your own. To this end, a rescue device in the form of a special rope is employed. If this option is also impossible, then the Life Cube can be used, when the passenger needs to make a landing on a special cube of the rescue crew. The travel height of the vehicle allows for an absolutely safe evacuation.

Of course, the latter two techniques have been elaborated rather to provide for every theoretically possible case. And yet even a passenger airplane, the safest type of conventional transport, does not provide for a way to leave the plane in case of a critical in-flight breakdown. 

All of the above features of the transport and infrastructure complexes and multi-stage evacuation measures ensure the greatest possible safety for the passengers. The uST Transport is ready for any emergency.

30 January 2023