A photo report from the uSky Center: a new technological site and a landing platform

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues to provide updates on the test and demonstration center in Sharjah. What kind of work is currently underway at uSky? Find out more in this photo report.

A new technological site

The uSky Test and Certification Center is nearing the completion of the construction of a new infrastructure facility – a site for scheduled maintenance and repair of uPods. Testing, development and commissioning of uST rolling stock will also take place here.

The structure is equipped with a dead-end device. If necessary, it will be disassembled using an installed crane beam for dismantling or mounting vehicles on a track structure.

Now, specialists are working to install gates, connect engineering networks, provide indoor lighting, and install video surveillance systems. In the future, it is planned to install viewing decks and walkways within the site for improved and safer access to uPods components and assemblies.

Landing platform

The construction of a platform for boarding and disembarking passengers of suspended uPods is being completed. The platform is the most simple and functional construction consisting of a reinforced concrete base with a metal structure placed on it for the passengers’ access to the transport. Its capacity will be 2,500-3,000 passengers per hour (for uBus Karat U4-212). The total area will be 110 m².

Compared to the aboveground platforms of the second level, this structure is more accessible for passengers. The platform is located on the ground floor, which means it doesn't need to be accessed by stairs or an elevator. Additionally, the design allows for vertical adjustment to make it easier to operate uPods of various sizes.

At the moment, the deck (floor) of the platform made of composite materials has already been formed and a canopy has been installed to protect passengers from the sun and rain while they wait for transport. Installation of the roof coating and its tension is currently in the process of implementation. The final stage will be the filling of the landing platform supports and the adjustment of the high-rise position of the structure to provide a more comfortable boarding and disembarking experience for passengers.

uSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification CenteruSky Test & Certification Center

12 March 2024