A new level of transportation safety with uST technology

A new level of transportation safety with uST technology

According to the World Health Organization, 80% of roads in the world do not meet the pedestrian safety standards. According to world statistics, thousands of people die in road accidents every day, and from 20 to 50 million people get injured and maimed every year. At the same time, the number of cars on the road is increasing, while the improvement speed of the road safety standards remains slow. Is there a solution?  

UST Inc. proposes to move traffic to the space above the roads. This move to the “second level” will not only ensure the safety of passengers but also reduce the number of accidents and traffic jams thanks to the redistribution of transport loads.

While being unprecedently safe, uST transport and infrastructure complexes demonstrate high productivity and efficiency. For instance, speed limits are not applied to uPods. This allows them to operate at speeds of up to 150 km/h. Electric rail vehicles travel along a clearly defined track, exchanging real-time information with each other and the control room. uST transport is also equipped with a system that eliminates derailment and rollover.

uST tracks are designed to transport up to 50,000 people per hour. Thanks to high speed and short travel intervals, passenger traffic is distributed evenly and the load on urban transportation networks is reduced. Furthermore, elevated tracks can be easily integrated into urban developments without the need for large-scale rebuilding and earthworks.

The driver's role in unmanned uPods is performed by an automated control system (ACS). This minimizes the negative impact of the human factor on transportation safety. The ACS independently plans routes, identifies threats, and exchanges information in real time, correcting the operations of all uPods on the line.

29 February 2024