Railway Technology: Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Offers Efficient Solutions in the Field of Passenger Transportation

The British media Railway Technology has posted a publication on its website, which tells about the efficient solutions of UST Inc. in the field of passenger transportation. Unitsky String Technologies Inc. develop, design, manufacture and test transport and infrastructure complexes in overpass design. They can be applied in a number of ways. One of them is urban and intercity passenger service. Unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels (uPods), moving above the ground at speeds up to 150 km/h, are able to provide efficient passenger service – up to 50,000 people per hour.

uST technology features allow to arrange transportation of a maximal number of passengers at a minimal cost. This transport can have various capacities. uPods are capable to make up trains of several vehicles. The number of electric rail vehicles in the coupling depends on the density of passenger traffic.

uST transport and infrastructure complexes can be used as a link between a megacity and a suburb. String transport can connect cities with airports, seaports and major railway stations. The uST Inc. solution is also capable to provide the function of efficient transport links among cities.

Advantages of uST transport and infrastructure complexes


The uPods are equipped with an excellent system that prevents them from derailing even under extreme conditions. The human factor is excluded in the management of rolling stock. Automated control systems provide full control of speed and route, uninterrupted round-the-clock operation, and also allow passengers to be transported safely even under severe weather conditions. The track structure in the overpass design excludes accidents due to motion above the ground.


The material consumption of the track structure and rolling stock significantly reduces capital costs. The absence of the need for earth embankments, bridges, interchanges, culverts and other structures reduces the cost of construction of transport and infrastructure complexes. The solution by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is also distinguished by low operating costs. The string-rail track does not require constant maintenance. Its service life before major repairs is from 50 years, and for the rolling stock — 25 years. This transport is characterized by low energy consumption due to the automation of the transportation process and high energy efficiency of transport.

High speed 

The specifics of the track structure and the automated control system make it possible to provide passenger transportation at speeds up to 150 km/h. The intervals of movement and the number of modules on the line are adapted to the density of passenger traffic. uST transport and infrastructure complexes are void of traffic jams, since uPods move above the ground on a string-rail overpass.

Environmental friendliness

String transport has almost zero impact on the environment. The location of the track structure above the ground does not withdraw the “green” area, does not interfere with the movement of subsoil and surface waters, the motion of people and animals. De-icing salts that are dangerous to the environment are not needed for the maintenance of the string track. uPods run on electricity — the most environmentally friendly type of fuel. At the same time, this kind of transport is characterized by low energy consumption.


uST transport and infrastructure complexes can be built in areas with a challenging terrain, as well as in regions with harsh natural and climatic conditions. The possibility of laying a string-rail track over existing motor-roads and railways, power transmission lines, residential and industrial areas makes the Unitsky String Technologies Inc. solution flexible in application.

These advantages allow uST transport and infrastructure complexes to meet the requirements that can be claimed by passenger transport systems today to the greatest possible extent.

8 July 2022