Railway Technology Published an Article About the Advantages of uST Cargo Transport

A british media Railway Technology has published an article about Unitsky String Technologies Inc. The article outlines the advantages of the uST Transport & Infrastructure Solutions in the cargo transportation. Why is the cargo transport developed by UST Inc. a promising trend in the industry?

The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes are characterized by a number of advantages. The string rail overpass is material-intensive and durable, with no need for regular maintenance. The service life of the track structure reaches 100 years.

The string track is resilient to harsh weather conditions, making it possible to efficiently transport different types of cargo in regions with severe climate and hostile terrain. Cargo delivery is notable for its accessibility and speed, as the string track is laid along the shortest path, bypassing various barriers. This is thanks to intermediate supports that can be installed up to 3 km apart.

Automated control systems ensure a high level of transportation reliability: full control of speed and route, uninterrupted round-the-clock operation, and absence of accidents and collisions with foreign objects.

The string rail track can extend by more than 500 km. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes can be used as a link between logistic hubs, in remote and hard-to-reach places, as well as in the development of minerals. They require minimal land allotment for construction and feature significantly lower material consumption of structures compared to conventional overpasses. 

The cargo transport by UST Inc. is capable of transporting up to 100 million tons of cargo per year. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes, which are highly efficient, reliable and sustainable, have the potential to become a high-demand direction in the cargo transportation industry. 

4 May 2022