How Will uST Technology Help the Development of the Arctic Regions? See the Answers in an Article from FederalPress

The FederalPress media holding explained how the solution by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. can improve transport accessibility in the regions of the Far North. The author of the publication points out that the cost of uST transport and infrastructure complex is comparable to the cost of laying a "winter road" – a temporary road for the period of subzero temperatures. What else was highlighted in the article?

The transportation problem in the Far North is a real headache for local residents and authorities. Heavy precipitation, snow drifts, severe cold and permafrost significantly complicate the process of cargo and passenger transportation. Laying "winter roads" takes a lot of effort and time. And the service life of such roads is very short: they disappear without a trace in spring, therefore, with the arrival of cold weather, everything has to be started anew. In addition, the safety of movement on such a route is low. There were cases when a vehicle fell through the ice, and its evacuation could take more than one week. 

The aboveground transport and infrastructure complexes in the overpass design, developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc., can solve the transportation problem of the Far North. Unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels (uPods) will make cargo and passenger transportation in the Arctic regions fast, safe and affordable. The uPods move above the ground along a special string-rail overpass at the speed of 150 km/h. Snow and ice are not a problem for such transport: the track structure is self-cleaned with steel wheels of uPods. By the way, the traffic on "winter roads" is possible at a significantly lower speed – 70 km/h.

The article also describes other advantages of uST. The uPods are eco-friendly and energy efficient; the elevated nature of the string-rail overpass allows laying it over water reservoirs, swamps, forests and gorges. The uST track is resistant to temperature changes ranging from + 60 °C to - 60 °C. Due to the automatic control system, the transport and infrastructure complex will be able to operate around the clock. The uST solution is quite affordable. The cost of construction of the complex is comparable to laying of a "winter road". The structure of the route is characterized by low material consumption, and its construction requires minimal land acquisition and a small amount of excavation.

The article emphasizes that presently the uST technology is capable not only to solve the transportation problem of the Far North, but also to make transportation even more affordable, faster and safer than in areas with favorable natural conditions for transport services.

Details can be found in the publication by FederalPress.

22 September 2022