The team of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is made up of high-skilled designers, engineers, project designers and researchers with excellent education and work experience in major projects in the largest engineering companies in Belarus. For years of work, under the leadership of General Designer Anatoli Unitsky, the team has managed to form its own scientific, design and engineering schools. Employees of the company possess professional knowledge and experience, as well as scientific and engineering views and methods.

Team of UST Inc.:

  • over 60 design offices and divisions
  • over 600 engineers
  • specialists from different countries: Belarus, Russia, Qazaqstan, and Ukraine

The everyday life of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.


Анатолий Юницкий

General Designer and Board Chairman of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky:

“Catastrophic statistics of traffic deaths, disastrous effects on the environment, limited mobility and inequality impossible for comfortable urban life continue to escalate and turn modern human life into a nightmare from which there is no way out. String transport is the way out”.

General Director Nadezhda Kosareva:

“Our mission is to establish widespread use of uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes that will significantly reduce the negative impact of transportation and its infrastructure on people and the environment, both on a regional and global level”.

Надежда Косарева

Supervisors of our key divisions

Виктор Гарах

Viktar Harakh

Deputy General Designer for Transport Complexes

Сергей Артюшевский

Sergey Artyushevsky

Deputy General Designer for Science

Юрий Кащук

Yuri Kashchuk

Head of Transport Overpass Department

Дмитрий Тихонов

Dmitry Tikhonov

Chief Designer of Cargo Transport Complex

Александр Кривицкий

Alexander Krivitsky

Chief Designer of High-speed Transport Complex

Виталий Лапковский

Vitaly Lapkovsky

Chief Designer of Rapid Transport Complex

Алексей Водопетов

Alexey Vodopetov

Head of Rolling Stock Department

Максим Кубышкин

Maxim Kubyshkin

Deputy General Director for Design

Алексей Савин

Alexey Savin

Director of SW PLANT Production Complex

Максим Гусев

Maxim Gusev

Head of Project Management

Сергей Пронкевич

Sergey Pronkevich

Head of Engineering Calculations Design Office

Илья Жагальский

Ilya Zhagalsky

Head of Electric Drive Design Office

Юрий Ажар

Yuriy Azhar

Head of Capital Construction Department

Владимир Козупеев

Vladimir Kozupeev

Head of Business Processes Automation Department

Андрей Цвирко

Andrey Tsvirko

Head of IT Department

Олег Лосик

Oleg Losik

EcoTechnoPark Administrator

Елена Попенко

Elena Popenko

Head of Personnel Management Department

Евгений Петров

Evgeny Petrov

Deputy General Director for Marketing

Иван Федченко

Ivan Fedchenko

Deputy General Director for Administrative Services