uST was granted patents for inventions and industrial design

On 02.08.2021, uST received patent for industrial design of “High-speed transport module”, registered by the National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) of the Republic of Belarus.

The innovative design of the high-speed transport module received legal protection and confirmation of novelty from Belarusian society represented by the NCIP experts.

On 11.10.2021 and 15.10.2021, correspondingly, uST received two patents for inventions “Method of manufacturing and device for hyper speed transport complex by Yunitski” and “String transport system by Yunitski”, granted by Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO).

These documents protect the intellectual property rights to the new developments by Yunitski Anatoly Eduardovich and confirm the novelty and significance of the systems elaborated by uST.

We congratulate Unitsky String Technologies Inc. on these achievements in the field of intellectual property rights protection and wish further new discoveries!