UST Inc. Specialists at Additive Technologies Symposium

The Symposium “Prospects for Development of Additive Technologies in the Republic of Belarus” was held at the International Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations in Industry “TechInnoProm” in Minsk on September 20-22th, 2022.

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote innovative industrial equipment, products and technologies by domestic and foreign companies to regional and international markets; strengthening business contacts and exchange of experience.

The organizer of the Symposium is National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (State Research and Production Powder Metallurgy Association SRPPMA).

The symposium showcased the reports by Belarusian and Russian scientists on the use of additive technologies in various industries (powder and casting metallurgy, construction, medicine, etc.).

UST Inc. employees delivered a poster presentation on the topic “Prospects for use of 3D-concrete with damping additives in transport construction.” At the same time, to date, the article has already been published in the collection of reports of the Symposium.

The study focuses on the analysis of types of special materials for transport construction and experience in studying such materials using the technology of 3D-construction printing. This scientific work is one of the first in our company, in which the recommendations have been developed for the use of additive technologies in construction of uST infrastructure. It is especially important to note that the Middle East, in particular, the UAE, where R&D center in Sharjah is under active development, is the main consumer of the most advanced 3D-construction printers.


The development of additive technologies in all industries is currently happening on exponentially growing scale. Automation with robotic systems is implemented to varying degrees to replace routine and complex production operations. 3D construction technologies make it possible to realize various non-standard architectural solutions for buildings and structures in combination with principles of bionics, to produce full-scale prototypes of structures. The general advantages of using additive technologies in construction are the rejection of formwork, saving materials, minimizing wastes, improving environmental friendliness and reducing the period of construction.