The first meeting of the STC in 2021

On March 5, the first meeting in the new year of the Scientific and Technical Council of UST Inc. took place.

The main issue that was considered at the meeting of the Council was the acceptance of the results of the first stage of R&D “Studies of braking forces occurring in a variable magnetic field and development of a promising prototype model of eddy current moderator section for its use in UST transport complexes”.

For reference

This study is the first in the history of UST Inc. officially registered in the state register of R&D (state registration number - 20210148). The responsible performer of the study is the Advanced Development Department.

As a result of the consideration, evaluation and discussion of the materials, the members of the STC unanimously decided that the work of the first stage was carried out in full, in accordance with the technical assignment and the calendar plan. It was therefore recommended that the next phase be initiated.

At least one more Council meeting is scheduled to be held before the end of the first half of the year.