Second STC meeting in 2022


The first part of the event included discussion of the Company’s results in the field of scientific (scientific and technical) activities for the 2nd quarter (with emphasis on accreditation of uST Inc. as a scientific organization), as well as the acceptance of final reports on two scientific researches (R&D works) registered in accordance with the established procedure in the state register.

This R&D works:

- “To develop and implement a procedure for determining the deformation and strength characteristics of adhesive joints depending on the thickness of the adhesive layer”;

- “Investigation of impact absorption by restraint systems of vehicles in their emergency collision with obstruction”.

The second part of the STC meeting was devoted to the discussion of the possibility of classifying a number of design and engineering developments elaborated by various divisions of the Company as intangible assets of uST Inc.

In the final part of the event, three new research works on promising and relevant areas for the Company were considered, as a result of which a decision was made to launch the implementation of these works.