Results of the STC meeting

Meeting of the STC: what are the results?

On September 7, 2021, a regular meeting of the STC was held, during which a number of important issues were considered, including:

- acceptance of the results of the implementation of two R&D studies, which were completed in September: "To develop and implement a methodology for computer modeling of bulletproof protection of building structures" (responsible unit - design department "Engineering calculations") and ”Studies of braking forces occurring in a variable magnetic field and development of a promising prototype model of eddy current moderator section for its use in uST transport complexes“(responsible unit - Department of Advanced Development).

For reference

A unanimous decision was made that the specified work was completed in full within the timeframe established by the terms of reference, in connection with which it was recommended to form a package of documents on the completion of work for submission to the State Institution “BelISA”;

- proposals for the implementation and registration in the state register of R&D of three research studies of the Department of Biotechnologies, including work on the topic ”Development of biotechnology for cultivation of chlorella in continuous mode and assessment of the use of algae-based feeding in quail farming” - in the current year;

- discussion of the proposed mechanism to stimulate scientific activity and interaction of structural units of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in the framework of the implementation of R&D.