Questions on STC

What issues were discussed at the scheduled meeting of the STC?

On July 6, 2021, a regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council took place, summarizing the results of which the following issues were resolved:

- Acceptance of the results of stage 1 of the research work (RW) “To develop and implement a methodology for computer modeling of bulletproof protection of building structures” was carried out (principal investigator of RW is the head of the group for calculating the dynamics of systems of the Design Bureau ”Engineering Calculations” V.A. Ovsyanko);

- Consideration of the proposals of the management of promising developments for the implementation and registration in the state register of SDW of three studies in the field of relic solar bioenergy;

- the Concept for the development of scientific and innovative activities (NID) of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. was approved.

For reference

The concept established a general direction of action in the short and medium term (2021-2025) to activate the NID, the implementation of the results of the SDW in the activities of Unitsky String Technologies Inc., the growth of indicators in terms of NID by creating appropriate organizational, informational, material and technical, financial and other conditions.