Publications of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in Reputable Scientific Journals

A scientific article by the employees of Unitsky String Technologies was published in the Proceedings of BSTU. General Designer Anatoli Unitsky had become one of its authors. By the way, this is another proof of the company’s positive collaboration with leading Belarusian universities.


This journal is top-ranked in the international scientific community. The articles are authored by not only Belarusian scientists but also Russian, Kazakhstani, Greek, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Libyan, and Chinese ones. The journal is among the recommendations of the Supreme Attestation Commission for publication of thesis research findings.

The article “Development of a Computer Model of Destruction Heterogeneous Material” was also authored by the following employees of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.: S. Artyushevsky, V. Garanin, V. Ovsyanko, and S. Pronkevich. 

In this publication, the engineers paid attention to the problem of increasing efficiency in modeling destruction processes of various heterogeneous materials. Particularly, the article places the main emphasis on the study of concrete destruciton process and presents various methods for modeling the interaction of materials with a description of their advantages and disadvantages. 

Another significant achievement of UST Inc. was a publication in the Russian Scientific Journal “Innotrans”

In the article “The Role and Place of the Automated Subsystem of electronic passports in the Unified Intelligent Management System of the uST Transport and Infrastructure Complex”, the company’s specialists laid out the basic concepts for the construction of the automated subsystem of electronic passports of Unitsky String Transport and demonstrated how important and relevant this subsystem is for efficient and safe management of second-level transport.

Learn more about the content of this publications in the original source «Preceedings of BSTU», «Innotrans».