Participation in the International Seminar in the city of Brest

The XXII International Scientific and Methodological Seminar “Promising Directions for Innovative Development in Construction and Training of Engineering Personnel” was held on the basis of the educational institution “Brest State Technical University” (BrSTU) in Brest, September 2930, 2022.


The purpose of the seminar – presentation of scientific reports on new structural approaches to construction buildings, improving design resistance models, innovative design methods, assessing technical condition and strengthening existing structures of construction buildings, testing the results of dissertation research, fast-forwarding scientific and business contacts and exchange of experience; discussion of issues in improvement of technical normative legal acts in construction.

The seminar showcased the reports by scientists from the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, China, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

The link to the article and photos of the event on the BrSTU website.

UST Inc. employees delivered presentation on the topic “The impact of hot galvanizing on brittle fracture of steel structures as illustrated by use of the UST transport complex.” The article and theses on this topic will soon be published in collection of scientific works. Each of the employees received a registered certificate of the participant.

The purpose of the report was to acquaint a wide range of scientists with current issues related to the influence of hot galvanizing corrosion protection on possibility of brittle fracture initiation in steel structures, as well as to propose ways to further develop and improve regional and local technical normative legal acts in construction which regulate the requirements for implementation of such type of corrosion protection. As part of the study, practical recommendations were proposed to help reduce flaw formation during hot galvanization.


Hot dip galvanizing has been used to protect steel from corrosion for over 250 years. During this period of application of hot galvanizing, domestic and foreign requirements and recommendations related to implementation of this technological process had been developed.

It is worthwhile to note that the existing requirements for galvanizing process are not completely attributable to the high-quality practical implementation of the hot galvanizing process, as evidenced by the analysis of the results of brittle fracture of steel elements at the time prior to the application of operational loads.

Hence, there is an urgent task to improve the recommendations, elaborate additional requirements for hot galvanizing, which will assist in weakening of stress concentration in order to minimize flaw formation.

The report, presented by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. employees, induced a keen interest from other participants. As a result, important and valuable business contacts were established with the representatives of the scientific and educational circles, with plans for further development.