Сollection of scientific articles presented at the conference NRNSI 2021 has been published

We glad to announce that a collection of scientific articles, presented last year at the IV international scientific and technical conference "Non-rocket near space industrialization: problems, ideas, projects" has been published.

At the annual conference, ways of solving global problems by geocosmic means are considered. The International Scientific and Technical Conference was organized and is held due to initiative of the outstanding engineer and designer Anatoly Unitsky, a man inspired by the idea of ​​saving Humanity from imminent death from the civilization technological development that poisons the nature, and devoted his whole life to this idea implementation.

The unique collection 2021 contains about 30 scientific articles describing the principles of transport and infrastructure geospace complex construction, design features of space settlements with the creation of closed ecosystems, as well as social, political and economic issues in the field of non-rocket near space industrialization.

You can download the web version of the collection right now.

The scientific publication has collected the best materials of scientific works by engineers, designers, architects, biologists, sociologists and other highly qualified specialists that make up the professional team of the Unitsky group of companies (Unitsky String Technologies Inc. and Astroengineering Technologies LLC), as well as a number of other foreign scientists, whose activities are aimed at the global international EcoSpace program implementation.

The publication is intended for geotransport communications specialists, research institutes employees, tutors and students of higher educational institutions.

Soon the collection will appear in the largest libraries of the world, as well as in the electronic book services in open access.