Meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council

The company held a meeting on the functioning of the STC

On June 16, 2021, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) was held.

The following issues were discussed:

• functioning of the STC until the end of the current year, including the planned amendments to the Regulation on the STC and its composition;

• the provisions of the draft Concept for the development of scientific and innovative activities of the company and the progress of the intermediate stages of two R&D (T) R registered in the state register in 2021 were considered.

For reference. Among these works:

- “Studies of braking forces occurring in a variable magnetic field and development of a promising prototype model of eddy current moderator section for its use in UST transport complexes” (principal investigator – V.V. Vasilevich, Head of the Advanced Technologies Department);

- “To develop a feeding based on association of agronomically valuable microorganisms and organic raw materials and conduct a study of its effectiveness on green and vegetable crops” (principal investigator - Head of the Biotechnologies Department, A.A. Kostenevich).