The first STC meeting in 2023

UST Inc. held the first in 2023 meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council.

The event featured the discussion of the results of the company’s activities in the scientific (scientific and technical) spheres for the 1st quarter of this year. Particular attention was paid to the results of the analysis of certain indicators of this area of UST Inc. activities, in comparison with other Belarusian scientific organizations.

One of the topics of the meeting was also the discussion of developments created by various divisions of the company. An important place was taken by the achievements of the Rolling Stock Division, including the possibility of classifying them as intangible assets of UST Inc.

At the end of the event, the management of UST Inc. expressed gratitude to all participants in the scientific activities of the company and members of the STC, with wishes of further successful work in the development of science, invention and engineering.

For reference

During 20212022:

- 5 R&(T)D studies, registered in accordance with the established procedure, officially completed;

- 81 scientific articles (including conference proceedings) published;

- based on the filed applications, 21 patents granted.

In addition, as of the start of 2023, 10 UST Inc. employees have degrees (mainly, candidates of technical sciences).