First R&D with state registration started

The order has been issued at UST Inc. on the beginning of R&D execution, which will be submitted to BelISA for inclusion in the state register 

The company approved the technical design specification and the schedule for the implementation of research and development work (R&D) “Studies of braking forces occurring in a variable magnetic field and development of a promising prototype model of eddy current moderator section for its use in UST transport complexes”.

In the history of the company, this is the first work, a set of documents on which will be submitted in the near future to BelISA for subsequent inclusion in the state register.

For reference

The scientific supervisor of the project is Deputy General Designer for Science S.V. Artyushevskiy, the principal investigator is Head of Advanced Development Department, V.V. Vasilevich. The implementation of the work is planned for the I-III quarters of 2021.

The state registration of work is an excellent opportunity to manifest oneself to the scientific community, increase the level of scientific competence of employees, as well as use the practical results of work in the implementation of UST transport and infrastructure complexes and subsequently attribute this R&D to the intangible assets of the company.

We wish our employees continuous success in registering and performing the study, as well as in attaining crucial results during implementation thereof!