First Meeting of Science & Technology Council in 2022

On April 7, a meeting of the Science & Technology Council raised important issues in the company's research activities. One of them was the start of new research projects, including registration in the public register. As a result, they worked out the subjects of 3-4 projects.


Moreover, the council discussed the following points:


• research-related results of the company in the 1st quarter of 2022;

• completion in various offices of intermediate stages of research and development projects that are enlisted in the public register of the Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support of Scientific and Technical Sphere (BelISA);

For reference. Currently, UST Inc. is working on 4 such projects.

• promotion of research and publication activities of the company's employees, participation in conferences, etc.


The report by the top R&D specialist of Astroengineering Technologies LLC Irina Lobazova was one of the topics at the meering. The main issue was the preparation for the V International Scientific and Technical Conference "Non-Rocket Near Space Industrialization: Problems, Ideas, Projects" (NRNSI 2022). The members of the Council discussed the key points on the topics to be reported at the forthcoming conference.


This event is first and foremost a constructive dialogue with collaborative development of new ideas and important strategic decisions for the company.