Biotechnologies Division has successfully completed research on the development of organic fertilizer “Biohumus uTerra”

The implementation of a large research project “To elaborate fertilizer based on association of agronomically valuable microorganisms and organic raw materials and conduct study of its effectiveness on green and vegetable crops” is officially completed at UST Inc., which is confirmed by the relevant document.

The research was carried out at UST Inc. from April 2021 to December 2022. The project team of biotechnologists under the scientific supervision of A.E. Unitsky and S.V. Artyushevskiy (principal investigator - N.S. Zyl’) obtained a number of significant scientific results during the period of the research, including:

- the developed organic fertilizer “Biohumus uTerra” based on natural raw materials, brown coal ash and association of agronomically valuable microorganisms;

- the study of the effectiveness of the developed fertilizer composition on the growth and development of green and vegetable crops;

- the technology of receiving feeding from various types of organic raw materials;

- the development and approval of technical specifications for organic feeding “Biohumus uTerra”.

Organic fertilizer for plants “Biohumus uTerra” is produced from domestic raw materials and is a complex product with high content of substances necessary for plant growth and development, soil structuring components, natural soil detoxifiers and agronomically valuable microorganisms. 

Biohumus uTerra has been successfully tested and applied by the UST Inc. Biotechnologies Division, as well as at the Agricultural Enterprise by Unitsky, for growing tomatoes, salads, and greens. As result of the tests, it was found that it enhances the taste of crops and their yield, reduces the content of nitrates in plant products.

We thank all employees who were involved in the project!