Belarus hosted the III International Scientific and Technical Conference on rocket-free space exploration

 On September 12, EcoTechnoPark in Maryina Gorka gathered inventors, representatives of academic and scientific circles, as well as public organizations from many countries of the world, to the III International Scientific and Technical Conference “Non-Rocket Near Space Industrialization: Problems, Ideas, Projects”, which already became the annual event.

Scientists, researchers and inventors from scientific and educational institutions from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, the UAE, Germany, Finland, Vietnam, the USA, Great Britain showed keen interest in the event.

The scientific program of the truly unique conference included plenary sessions, poster papers and panel discussions. Anatoly Unitsky presented to the participants his report “Technosphere 2.1 -    rebooting the Earth industry to the space vector of development”. The participants discussed various practical aspects of implementation of EcoWorld and SpaceWay programs, including:

a radio relay to predict and prevent threats to humanity in deep space;

aquatic ocean areas with floating overpass of General Planetary Vehicle (GPV);

legal aspects of international cooperation in space exploration;

 creating a mathematical model of GPV with position optimization, considering the influence of dynamic factors;

Industry 4.0 as a key driver of supply chain innovation for geospace systems;

feasibility study of the investment project “Non-Rocket Space Industrialization” as an instrument for saving the Earth’s biosphere;

passing of GPV overpass through difficult natural and climatic conditions (using the example of mountains in South America and Africa) and a lot more.

We can ascertain with confidence and pride that one of the grandest space projects in the history of human civilization is emerging in Belarus.