Accreditation of the test center

On November 13, a very important event happened at our company: our Test Center successfully passed the accreditation procedure with Unitary State Enterprise “BSCA” and received the corresponding state-approved certificate.

As a result of a fairly long and highly demanding process, the Test Center of UST Inc. (Head - Khadarkevich M.V.) was accredited in accordance with the procedure established by law in the Register of the National Accreditation System of the Republic of Belarus (section “Accredited test laboratories”, reg. Certificate No. BY/112 2.5243). The duration of the certificate received is 5 years.

Functioning of the Center under such accreditation will render a further crucial impact on enhancing efficiency of performance of R&D studies, including feasibility to perform tests in the framework of such research. This, in turn, should serve as one of the factors for increasing the number and quality of scientific studies carried out by UST Inc.

Congratulations on such a significant result!