UST Inc. continues to work on projects localization in El Salvador

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. continues to work in a bilateral format to determine the localization parameters of projects for the development of El Salvador transport infrastructure. Earlier, the government’s plans for the use of uST Technology were announced by Cristian Flores, the Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects. How will uST Technology help optimize transport links in this country?

Request for an alternative technology

El Salvador is a state that has managed to preserve a unique cultural heritage that belonged to an ancient civilization. Cultural and historical sites and parts with untouched nature attract a large number of tourists every year. In 2021 alone, more than 1.4 million guests visited the country. At the same time, the high population growth of this region causes an urgent need for further development of the country’s transport system. A large number of architectural monuments and dense urban development have created a request for the use of alternative transport technology. It should be productive and easily adaptable in the conditions of the formed infrastructure. Such a transport system will ensure the transportation of a large number of passengers and at the same time leave objects of historical and cultural value untouched.

New opportunities with uST Complexes

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. offers a solution in the form of uST Transport and Infrastructure Complexes. Unmanned electric vehicles on steel wheels will provide efficient and safe transportation of up to 50 thousand people per hour. uST routes can be laid over existing urban development. A light string rail overpass will harmoniously fit into the local architecture: it integrates optimally into the urban environment. At the same time, the construction of uST Complexes is more affordable in comparison with the laying of railways or highways.

uST Technology will also preserve the natural attractions of El Salvador. The aboveground location of the route and the minimum land allocation does not violate the terrain as well as preserves the soil, landscape and biodiversity of the territories. In addition, uST Transport is perfect for excursions, for example, in national parks or nature reserves. Tourists or residents of El Salvador will be able to enjoy the picturesque views from a height. By the way, the multimedia system installed in the uPods can easily replace the guide.

The level of safety is high

Difficult natural conditions also increase the demand for uST Technology in El Salvador. Today there are more than 20 active volcanoes on the territory of the country – eruptions and earthquakes are not uncommon here. In the last two centuries alone, the capital of El Salvador has been partially destroyed five times. In such situations, rescuers often have to get and deliver the most necessary things to save lives on completely destroyed roads.

uST Complexes will make it possible to deliver passengers and cargo safely and quickly, regardless of the situation.

• The uST track structure is located above the ground, which ensures a high level of transport security.

• A string rail overpass is resistant to natural disasters, including earthquakes. If even several intermediate supports are destroyed, it will remain intact due to prestressed strings. The track will sag, but its destruction will not happen.

In addition, uST Transport and Infrastructure Complexes are equipped with an automated control system. The technical vision helps them to continuously read information from the highway and allow transport to instantly respond to obstacles and threats.

Now, in cooperation with the government of the city of Sonsonate, the representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. design routes for the development of the settlement’s transport infrastructure. One of the options being considered is the integration of the uST Complex with the Pacific Railway already under construction under the presidential program.

28 November 2022