UST Inc. presents a demonstration video about the uLite Complex

The first project of UST Inc. look like for commercial use

In 2023 the company launched the uLite Transport and Infrastructure Complex on the territory of the “Aquarelle” ecopark. This project became a defining event in the history of UST Inc. For the first time, the complex was implemented not for testing and demonstration purposes, but for commercial application. uLite is intended to solve transport and economic tasks of the recreation center. The uPod can be used for both passenger and cargo transportation. 

The most inexpensive option of the uST complex fits perfectly into the concept of the “Aquarelle” ecopark, while the main focus is on eco friendliness: 

  • uLite consumes minimal energy and doesn’t pollute the nature with exhaust gases. 
  • Due to its visual lightness the transport highlights uniqueness of the “Aquarelle” eco-complex. 
  • The uPod is completely silent. Its operation doesn’t disturb the ecopark guests. 

The engineers of UST Inc. perform a range of measures to use the complex for both passenger and cargo transportation. The company’s specialists have already carried out the first stage of the commissioning works. The tests were also implemented. There were the complex functioning verification, the uPod control system debugging, as well as testing of electrical and structural safety parameters and weight characteristics of the vehicle. 

In the near future UST Inc.’s specialists plan to perform 10 000 km of trips and adjust the charging station located on one of the anchoring structures. 

1 February 2024