uST Participation in Smart Cities India Expo 2022 Has Not Gone Unnoticed by the Media

The international exhibition Smart Cities India Expo 2022, which takes place in New Delhi, has become the focus of many media. World Construction Today wrote about participation of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. As the author of the material noted, string transport was among the most striking technologies. You can find out more in the article given below. 

uST String Transport Is Among the Brightest Technologies at Smart Cities India Expo 2022

From March 23 to March 25, New Delhi hosts a large-scale international exhibition in the field of technology — Smart Cities India Expo 2022. It presents companies from India, the USA, France, Japan and other countries. It should be noted that Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (uST) participates in the exhibition. World Construction Today has repeatedly drawn attention to the transport and infrastructure solutions of this company. It seems that the assumption that string transport will soon be introduced around the world is beginning to be justified. After all, Smart Cities India Expo 2022 is one of the most significant exhibitions in the field of technology providing the participants an opportunity to implement their developments.

What is the product that uST is demonstrating at the exhibition in the capital of India? Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is an international engineering company that offers innovative transport and infrastructure solutions. The company develops and manufactures unmanned vehicles on steel wheels (unimobiles). Moving along string rails, unimobiles are able to reach speeds of up to 150 km/h. All transport moves above ground on a special rail-string overpass and does not intersect with other roads. This solves the problems of traffic jams and road accidents, does not harm the environment, and also makes the trip comfortable and fast.

In addition, the energy consumption of such transport is lower than in the existing transport systems, and only a minimum amount of land is needed for the construction of a string route. Such a transport system will allow people in cities not to waste time on transfers, waiting and inflexible public transport routes. Passengers will be able to get to the right place faster and more comfortably than by car.

During its activity, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. has developed a number of fundamentally different models of electric rail vehicles on steel wheels, as well as the track structure and infrastructure required for the movement of transport. The company also has two innovation centers located in the UAE and Belarus.

Last year, the international independent agency TUV SW Standardization Certification confirmed safety of the urban transport complex at the R&D Center, which is located in Sharjah (UAE). Obtaining the appropriate certificate took off the table many issues related to the implementation of string transport around the world.


Shortly after, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. announced its readiness to start working on commercial projects. The company announced the transition from the "startup" stage to the "business" one.

At the end of 2021, uST presented string transport at Expo 2020 in Dubai. After that, the company's innovation center in the UAE was visited by a number of high-ranking government and business representatives from various countries. It is possible that during some of these visits, agreements were reached on commercial projects, which the public will get to know about a little later. In the meantime, we can conclude that the uST product combines the features that make it a means of transport that meets all the requirements of modernity.


The high-speed vehicle implemented by UST’s specialists at the InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin

You can find out more about the advantages of string transport at Smart Cities India Expo 2022, which will last until March 25. Earlier, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. reported where you can see the presentation of uST transport and infrastructure solutions: pavilion No. 4, booth No. 4.230.

25 March 2022