uST High-Speed Transport Featured on the Cover of a Scientific Journal

Innovative Transport published an article about uST high-speed transport. It describes in detail uFlash U4-362, a promising development of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky, General Designer of UST Inc., is featured among the contributors. 

The article reveals the design features of uST high-speed transport, its scope of application, and advantages over other modes of transport. In addition, the authors review the performance characteristics of the high-speed uPod and specify the key areas of improvement in its design.

The authors of the publication stressed that uPod is a highly efficient transport. By using just one U4-362 model for 25 years, you will save about 20,000 tons of fuel at a cost of about $20 million. At the same time 70 million tons of atmospheric oxygen will not be burned out and more than 100 million tons of pollutants will not be released into the air. 

The article points out that the cost of high-speed transportation with uST transport will be much lower than by means of high-speed railroads, maglev trains or airplanes. In the long term, high-speed string transport can help develop hard-to-reach regions. 

Innovative Transport is a scientific journal established by the Russian Transport Academy and the Ural State University of Railway Transport. It covers achievements in the transport sector, as well as provides reviews of the most significant events in the industry in terms of innovative development. 

12 September 2022