The Karat uBus Has Set a New Speed Limit

At uSky Test & Certification Center, UST Inc. specialists tested the flagship uBus bus at a speed of 85 km/h. This is a new speed limit for the Karat U4-212 uBus.

As reported earlier, the uBus runs are performed in compliance with the norms and test methods. The speed is increased systematically: up to 40 km/h in 10 km/h increments, and then – in 5 km/h increments. After that it is necessary to obtain safety confirmation every time. This is a time-consuming and obligatory procedure. 

Now Karat is ready for operation at the new speed. Its tests will continue in different modes, said Vitaly Lapkovsky, Chief Designer of Rapid Transport Complex at UST Inc.

The fifth generation uPod is equipped with improved engineering solutions of the company. For example, to achieve a smooth movement typical for business class cars, Karat was equipped with a two-stage pneumatic suspension. 

As a reminder, the advanced development kit from UST Inc. includes:
•    spacious interior: 8 seats, accessibility for passengers with disabilities;
•    360° view;
•    improved door design;
•    automatic climate control system with increased capacity;
•    two-stage pneumatic suspension;
•    double-glazed windows and multi-layer noise-absorbing coating;
•    multimedia system and Wi-Fi.

27 May 2024