The Karat complex has fallen into the focus of the Arab media

Journalists of The National visited the uSky Testing and Certification Centre located in Sharjah. The coverage, published on the website of this media outlet, reveals the advantages of the Karat transport and infrastructure complex. 

According to the report by The National, the implementation of this uST complex is significantly less-costly than the existing transportation systems. In addition, journalists drew attention to the environmental friendliness of uST transport, which can help solve the problem of traffic congestion.

“Every innovation takes time, and what we are creating is not just a new railroad, a new port or a new car. It is a unique system designed for both passenger and freight transportation, without heavy concrete structures and the need for expenses on building huge concrete bridges,” said Oleg Zaretsky, CEO of uScovery Company. 

The National's publication also highlighted the advantages of other rail-based electric vehicles developed by UST Inc. Reporters paid special attention to the interior of the four-seat uCar and six-seat uFlash. 

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8 May 2024