How Can uST Solutions Be Integrated Into the Infrastructure of a Large City?

Megacities with an ever-growing population face obvious challenges. The amount of traffic is constantly increasing and requires the enlargement of road infrastructure. The construction of new roads is complicated by dense housing and a dense network of utilities.

Even under such challenging conditions, uST technology can optimize transportation in a large city.

  • The uST routes can run over existing utilities and industrial infrastructure and do not require radical urban redevelopment.
  • The string rail overpass is elevated above the ground, which eliminates accidents and congestion. 
  • The steel-wheeled electric cars travel safely over residential areas, recreational pedestrian routes, playgrounds and leisure spaces.

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uST solutions help arrange transport communication over land and water, connect urban and suburban areas, and link distant or multi-bank parts of a megacity. The uST Transport & Infrastructure Complexes are more profitable in terms of construction costs and operational expenses than the high-speed streetcar, rapid transit or cableway. And the service intervals are extended in terms of time and mileage: the service life of the overpass before overhaul is 50 years, and the rolling stock can operate for 25 years.

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22 February 2023