General сonstructor about UST Innovation Center in Sharjah

The author of string technology, Anatoly Yunitskiy, answers the question of why a UST demonstration center in the UAE is needed, and how it differs from a test site in Belarus.

Despite several rather detailed explanations of the goals of creating UST Innovation Center in Sharjah, some project partners still have questions like: "Why is it necessary to build another EcoTechnoPark?" From now on, all doubts about the need for this step on the path of development of innovative transport technology will be dispelled: a video has appeared on the blog of the creator of the string transport, in which Anatoli Unitsky answers the question of why it is necessary to build a UST demonstration center in the UAE, how it differs from the certification and testing site in Belarus, what tasks it performs, and how it contributes to the commercial success of the UST project.

Video in Russian. To view the subtitles, use the YouTube player settings.

21 August 2020