Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Took Part in the International Scientific Conference WHEC-2022

Recently, the 23rd International Scientific Conference WHEC-2022 was held in Istanbul. The event dedicated to the topic of hydrogen energy was attended by representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

The UST Inc. team led by General Designer Anatoli Unitsky presented an article on the use of an alternative “green” energy source which is liquid hydrogen. The company’s own development – a comprehensive thermal energy balance system – can help reducing energy consumption of the uPods cooling system. And then string transport will become even more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Today, hydrogen energy is one of the promising trends in science and production. However, due to its complexity and science intensity, this technology still does not have a wide practical application.

WHEC brings together hydrogen energy professionals from all over the world. For 23 years, this event has been held every two years. The conference presents all areas related to hydrogen energy: production technologies, storage, purification, delivery, fuel cells, hydrogen economy, safety, etc. This year, 17 thematic sections were organized within the framework of the event.

You can find the original scientific article by representatives of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. here.

29 August 2022